Monday, November 20, 2006

Great idea!

I received my book last week and can not stop looking through it!. I am a looooong time lace knitter and have many a book :)
What struck me about this book is the beautiful pictures, the lovely patterns and the price! It is almost unbelievable to have this beauty with every single page in color, including the patterns for that kind of money. To whom ever made this possible: Thank you!
I have black Zephyr that is just itching to jump on the needles. The hard part is what do I start with?


jacqueline said...

i am still waiting waiting waiting for my book to arrive but i know that i am going to face a similar dilemna to yours. which shawl to knit first?

funnily enough i have 4oz of black zephyr maturing slowly in my stash but to date i have been too afraid to cast on with black laceweight.

judy said...

I'm waiting impatiently to see what is to be made with the black zephyr.