Sunday, May 27, 2007

Finally getting close to finishing

I ran out of yarn and I had to spin some more. But I'm finally getting close to finishing my first lace project (and would have done it if we weren't watching the "Good German" last night). Also spinning for the next project. I'm making sure that I spin plenty this time! ;-) Photo of next yarn can be found on my blog:

2 new projects

Here is my new project from this book. It is a drop stitch scarf. I wanted the edging longer so I repeated the edging pattern.
Here you can see the transition from the border to the main piece. With the verigated yarn (from Knitpicks) , the stripes run different directions.

Here are two closeups of the border pattern and how I increased it.

This is the leaf trellis scarf.
I wanted it wider so I repeated the leaf trellis main part one more time. The yarn in this one is Zepher.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Home Stretch

I am finally closing in on the home stretch of my Cherry Leaf shawl. After many false starts with different edgings (I did not like the one pictured in the book), I read online that the pictured edging was not the same edging written into the pattern. So, rip, rip, rip again... and I finally decided to do the edging as written. I would like to finish the shawl over the holiday weekend, but I probably will not have enough spare moments to finish it before the end of the week.


First finished project

Here is my first finished project from this book. It is the Spider's-web shawl. I used kidsilk haze and increased the repeats till I ran out of yarn. I did the 1/2 hexagon version. I love the shape of it.

I added beads to the bottom of it because it was so light. I thought they would help keep the bottom down.

I have not yet blocked it so it is going to be large.

Here is a close up of the pattern. You can see the transition from one pattern to another.

Now onto my next project
Happy knitting.....................Colette in MB

Ready to start!

I am ready to start working on a shawl from the book, maybe I will start the lace rectrangle. I have two skeins of sea silk (will have to pick up more) and I think this will work great with this pattern.

However, I don't think I understand how to work the borders. I have Sharon Miller's Heirloom Knitting and I still can't figured it out. Is there someplace on the web, or a book that shows clear instructions on how to knit a border?



Friday, May 25, 2007

The Victoria Shawl

.... is finally finished. I'd planned to get this done in time for Easter but failed and put it away for a while. Dug it out again on Monday to finish half the border. A disaster struck. I ran out of yarn on the last short side. Long story short - I used a similar coloured yarn adn over dyed it and this is the final result:

More pics including pics of how it was before over dyeing on my blog. Also got lots of yarn candy photos posted today on my blog so check it out and get ready to drool. The shawl btw is for my Mum and we're off to Norway on Sunday. I hope she likes it.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yet Another Scarf, page 80

When I first looked at Victorian Lace Today, I thought I was mostly interested in it for the history and that I was unlikely to get round to knitting anything from it, but I have seen so many scarves here from the pattern on page 80 and I thought they all looked lovely - nicer than the one in the book, I have to say.

I got a lovely skein of Alpaca (with a little bit of nylon) from Fyberspates' Sock Club, and as soon as I saw it I knew I couldn't possibly hide it inside my shoes, so I used that. The pattern is so simple that I feel as if I'm cheating. I've done about 25 inches, but I was getting a bit glum because it looked, as one might expect at this stage, really tatty. I could see people looking sorry for me when they saw it, because they thought, 'Poor thing, she's working so hard on that awful-looking rag.' So this morning I blocked what I've done so far and I'm much happier.

The photos don't show the full beauty of the yarn, which has flashes of purple and lavender.

When I block it again after finishing it, I think I'll do it a bit more severely, but I'm pleased with the points which are sharper than I expected to get in alpaca. I now don't mind working to the other end, although I am slightly apprehensive about guessing how much yarn I need to have left over to do the points at the other end. Any tips?

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Alpine Lace Scarf

This project had a rocky start, with much drama and cursing and frogging. But after the 3rd or 4th time I ripped everything back, I finally reached The Moment: you know that instant when everything clicks, and the pattern knowledge begins to shift from your head to your hands? Now I’m enjoying it very much. The two patterns, border and center panel, require enough concentration to keep me un-bored but not so much that I miss my subway stop, and the repeats are fairly short which makes for a lively knitting rhythm.

I’m using Helen’s Lace, one of my favorite yarns. It has a slight sheen and a delightfully soft/crisp texture. I’m also thrilled with several new toys:

Addi Lace needles: Wonderful! Good points, seamless join, enough “grab” to keep stitches from sliding off.

Tiny stitch markers from Debra’s Garden are ideal for lace. Love ‘em, and Debra is a pleasure to deal with.

Knitting tote: The small Knowknits bag is sturdy and easy to stash in a handbag.

Mini crochet hook: Loose crochet hooks fall out and get lost. I discovered this cute little guy (one of three in a set) at Halcyon Yarn (scroll down). It’s nice to have it right there when I need to fix a mistake.

To keep the pattern close at hand, I print it on photo paper (both sides, so I don’t have to twist it) and hang it from the Knowknits strap. Yes, I’m a dork.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Scarf (page 80)

page 80
yarn: KnitPicks Shadow Oregon Coast
needle: KP 24in size 3, and crochet hook G

This scarf was really fun to make. The pattern was not hard to memorize, and it's so compact to bring this project anywhere.


Monday, May 7, 2007

Very green

My very green triangular shawl (page 32) is coming along nicely. I have 88 rows done so far. The yarn is quite shiny, so with the sun on it like that it's reflecting quite a bit. Except where the cat is blocking the light. She's such a helpful girl! I have a second photo on my blog.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Febuary 1 - May 3, 2007
I finished the scarf/shawl finally last night. This is the first and easiest shawl in the book. Knitting lace does not come easy for me and I struggled quite a bit. I really wanted to finish this shawl so there was a bit of frogging and some fixing, but as I neared the end there were less mistakes and the knitting became really enjoyable to the point that I have already casted on my next shawl which is the large rectangle diamond pattern shawl. (also easy) More info and pictures on my blog.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Cherry Leaf Shawl

I started the Cherry Leaf Shawl a couple of days ago and am very pleased so far. I do plan to change the edging, though, but I have not yet decided which one I will use. The yarn is raspberry mouse from yarnchef's etsy shop.


Scarf (page 80)

I needed a little break after knitting big lace projects, so I'm knitting Scarf from page 80.

The yarn I'm using is KnitPicks Shadow in Oregon Coast. It's just left over yarn from Forest Path Stole project. Hopefully it will be enough to finish the scarf.
Needle: KnitPicks US 3 24in

The pattern is very easy to memorize, and it's just too addicting really. Well, lace is addicting anyway.