Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cherry Leaf done!

It's not finished in the picture, obviously, but it is blocking now. The finished size is 24"x 56". With a hypotneuse of 56", the triangle could theoretically 40" deep ... but the join between the edging and the shawl was a limiting factor in how long those sides could be.

The edging, as you can see, is definitely different from the edging in the book photos, but the oversized yarnovers do make for a good place to put blocking pins!

The crochet edging for the long edge of the pink shawl looks quite different from the edging on the multi-colored shawl. I decided to work an edging of 3 sc, 3 ch, and it came out well. The shawl ended up using about 550 yards ... a far cry from the 900 suggested, and I even got gauge!

Clarence border

I have just joined the Kal, and I'm knitting the scarf with Clarence border p.88. I just finished row 40, so there are two more repeats to go. But I'm already wondering.. After the first border, the instructions say "1) knit, wrapping yarn 2 times around needle 1) knit, dropping extra wrap" - does it mean I should make yo and then just drop it on the next row as in the instructions?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Shoulder Shawl in Syrian Pattern

Just can't knit fast enough. So many lovely shawls, so little time. While my Melon Shawl was drying in it's blocking pins, I cast on for this:

The yarn is Rowan Kidsilk Night in color #614, AKA Macbeth. I'll knit this one larger than the pattern states. A 57 inch wingspan just isn't enough for a tall person like myself. Also, I'll be using the wide point lace edging that Ms. Sowerby suggests on page 183 as an alternative for this shawl.

This is just too much fun!

Half-Square in Trinity Stitch

I was having some doubts about the way this shawl looked while I was working on the main body, but I told myself that once the lace edging was started I would fall in love with it all over again.

I can’t stand the way the edging looks. It doesn’t look at all like it does in the book. I’ve pulled out and reknit it 3 times to try to get it to look right and at this point I’m ready to fold it carefully up, tuck it away out of sight and ignore it until magical lace gnomes come along and make it look different.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl

I've been working on the Shoulder Shawl with Cherry Leaf pattern, using Elann's Baby Cashmere. A few rows into the edging I noticed that the edging was different than the one in the photos. What first caught my eye was the single eyelet of the pattern, versus the diagonal ladder of the photo. Then I noticed that the double yarn overs didn't correspond to anything at all in the photos, and what finally caught my eye was the single crochet edge all the way around the shawl. I'm quite glad the pattern, as it is, doesn't call for crochet, but if anyone can point me in the direction of the lace edging used in the shawl, that would save me trying to figure out how, exactly, to make that style of point on my next shawl.

I'm close enough to finishing and blocking I'll save a photo for then. I'm on my 5th ball, and am curious to see how big the shawl will block (and stay).


I'm still plugging away at the center panel of the leaf and trellis rectangle (p. 54). This is Handmaiden Sea Silk on size 7 needles; the fabric has a very nice drape. The pattern is easy but not boring (yet!), and I'm looking forward to finishing so I can tackle the border.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Melon Stitch Shawl

Just finished the Melon Shawl. Blocking truly is a magical thing. I loved this shawl before I blocked I adore it. I used Louet Kidlin Pixie (laceweight in color Grasshopper) which is a double strand is kid mohair/nylon the other is linen. The double strand took a tiny bit of getting used to, but after that it went well. I used Inox size 7 needles and wished I had some Knitpicks sharpies to knit with. The Inox are sharp-ish but the cable kept kinking back up on me. I tried the heat treatment but it didn't last long. The Kidlin softened up considerably after washing in Eucalan and blocking.

Spider’s web

This is my third attempt to knit half a hexagon Spider's web:

1. Wrong yarn
2. Not enough yarn
3. Ordered more yarn, not right colour, finally finished my shawl.

I decided to knit only three repeats of Barège pattern, it’s big enough.

The shawl blocked well and is very light and soft, yarn Evilla 8/1 in green-yellow.

I’m taking a break from the book, at the moment I’m knitting mittens and beaded wrist warmers. But I’ll be back soon with new shawl, there are so many lovely ones to knit.

Friday, January 26, 2007


I just took some photos of my Alpine scarf to post on my blog and here to show the progress as I'm nearing the end. And as I laid it out on the floor I noticed this:

What you may ask? Or you may scream out 'oh no'!!! like I did straight away. As it lay on the floor in front of me I noticed the tide mark. I've used two skeins so far and although they're handdyed they were purchased together and I thought they were the same colour and in the skein they didn't look any different. But they do now. I'm about to start the third skein and if it's same as the first colour I can pretend it's supposed to be that way but if it's like the 2nd skein what do I do? I've spent two weeks on this scarf and love it. Don't want to frog it either. I'm absolutely devastated!!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Begging for help

I finished the main body of the Half-Square trinity stitch on page 126 and tried to start working on the knit on border but I'm having trouble with it. This is my first knit on border and the instructions in the book are a bit vague.

If anyone can give me a few pointers on how to start myself off I'd really appreciate it. All of my attempts have ended up being frogged.

Stumped By Victorian Ruby

I know this pattern has been completed and I don't remember any comment on mistakes in the pattern except the one on the errata sheet by Knitter's. I can't get past row 28. I've checked and rechecked my stitches, walked away from the pattern and rechecked again. I have 51 sts at the end of row 28. I end up 1 st short on row 29. I count 9 decreases on row 29 and 9 increases on row 29 so how can the pattern increase by one stitch to 52 stitches?

I am so frustrated. Any help so appreciated.


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Trinity Stitch Shawl Continues...

Still plodding along on the Half-Square in Trinity Stitch. Here's a photo of my progress since the 18th when I posted last:

I'm looking forward to being finished with the body of the shawl so I can work on the lace edging.

Charting the course

I thought I might share my method of madness on how I keep track of where I'm at on my lace pattern charts. I know everyone has something they do that really works for them. I just thought I'd share mine. I purchased this here for a start.
And trust me, it's made it so much easier. I took the VLT book and photocopied the chart, then I increased the size of the photo to help make it larger for reading. Then I highlight specific instructions that are important to remember. I also have a place for keeping track of which row I'm on and how many repeats I've done. (Row counters just don't work for me.)So no matter if I end up not knitting for a day or two, I'll always know exactly where I'm at and where I'm headed. What works best for you??
**I've changed the pictures out since I wasn't really trying to give the pattern away free. I attached the post-it notes to the chart to help hide details. If you like the pattern, trust me - BUY the book - it's well worth it!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Progress on the Alpine Scarf

I've made some progress on the Alpine Scarf and I took it outside to try and get you a better look at the color. It's still cloudy out there but at least this isn't an inside shot or dark outside. This seems more coral in the photo than it really is. It is a gorgeous red!By the repeats I'd say I'm about half-way through the pattern. However, I may extend this a few repeats to get a good length to it and I've got enough yarn to do that.

Hi, I'm new to this knitalong

Hi everyone. I discovered this blog a few days ago and think its a brilliant KAL. I asked my inlaws for Victorian lace Today OR 'Gathering of Lace' for Christmas. And they got me both. YEAH!!!! VTL is much better though I think than the other book. I first started one scarf (can't remember the name now) but wasn't that happy with it so I frogged it and started 'Alpine Scarf' instead. I didn't notice that it said 'Experienced lace' before I started and actually apart from the border it's not difficult at all. The border is knitted in one piece with the centre panel, it's not one you knit on afterwards. But it does have lace knitting on every row. Only two rest rows in the 16 row border repeat. And to start with you have to do the border repeat several times and then once you start the main panel it's only on each side. The centre repeat is very easy. The lace every row got me into trouble a few times. If you miss a yo, it's difficult to spot it and unpicking is a nightmare too. but it's growing quickly.

This picture was taken a few days ago and Ive got much further since. I reckon I'm about half way or just over. Not sure if mine will end up being the same size as the one in the book. I'm using Posh Yarn's Sophia 2ply lace yarn ( that's 100% cashmere) and it's gorgeous to knit with. I've got 3 skeins and thought I'd use up all of it (they're only 55g each and it's about 1200 yrds in total I think).

Good luck to everyone else. All your pics are brilliant. I keep looking at the book to decide my next project and think it'll be the 'Torchon & 'something' shawl'. Tehre is also a yellow, diamon one I really like. I've been trying to match projects to the lace yarn I already have in my stash.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Another green Melon shawl

I haven't dedicated too much time to this project, but I wanted to post this picture of what my shawl looks like so far. It is made from Katia "Ingenua" and is similar to the Kid Silk Haze. I don't like the flat look of the reverse side, but the front is pretty. (Since my camera skills are not great, you will have to take my word for it.)

Assistance will be needed when it comes to adding the border. Hopefully, it will not be too tedious. Good luck to all of you in your projects.

"Scarf" is finished

I wanted to share my finished scarf (Scarf, p. 80). It still wants blocking, but that will have to wait until the Spring, when the weather is nice. I don't have a large enough space inside my house . I used Rowan Summer Tweed yarn, which is a bit thicker than the pattern called for, so I did fewer row repeats on the borders (only three) and fewer stitch repeats on the main body of the scarf, and worked the scarf on size 11 needles. The scarf still ended up really long - about 10 feet, but I think some of that length will be taken up when I block it. The close-up shows the tweedy-ness of the yarn. This is the first time that I ever knitted-on a border and it was much easier than I expected. I am definitely going to be making other items from this book .

Yarn weights - a question

While working on the Shoulder Shawl in Cherry Leaf Pattern, I have been puzzling over page 176 - yarn weights. How do the determiners determine whether a yarn is superfine - #1, or fine - #2?

The most puzzling is why a hand-dyed 20/2 silk is a #1, while a 20/2 hand-dyed silk is a #2.

I know different fibers weight different amounts, so you can't go entirely by yards per gram, but Alpaca with a Twist Fino is an alpaca/silk blend at 875 yds/100 g. Kidsilk Haze is a mohair/silk blend and has 916 yds/100g. One is classed as a 1, the other as a 2.

I guess it's the mohair blend classifications that are confusing me the most. They look so much smaller than the rest of the #2 yarns, and have more yards per gram than some of the #1 yarns, and it seems like they should be interchangeable without much change in gauge with a #1, especially in openwork like lace. But substituting a #2 sock yarn for Kidsilk Haze just seems plain wrong, weight-wise as well as several other ways.

What are your thoughts on this?

Another Mrs Lambert

I am also knitting Mrs Lambert's Lace pattern from page 50. I thought you'd like to see it in a different yarn :o)

It's in a yarn called Cecilia from Posh Yarn in a colour called 'Gothic', a dark purple/black which is lovely to knit with.

I have completed about 37 repeats so far, 48 needed in total so getting there :o)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Melon Shawl Update

I haven't posted in a while - but the sturdy repeats of the melon shawl just don't bring enough change with them to make so many pictures ,)

Yet this week I finished the center panel (62 repeats of the chart 8 melon pattern), and started with the edging. After trying to figure it out, I finally started - and it was really easy. I got along well that evening, but ... the shawl, or rather stole, is really long, and doing all thise single joins is just taking sooo long ... well. But I should be ready for my deadline next week, as un Thursday night I'm going to wear it for a ball!

So here's the shawl in its long, long glory (with the edging well around 3/2 already):

And here you see a closeup on the edging (on my bamboo needles):

I have to confess, the edging pattern is wrong, because I redrew it in my scrapbook, and drew the BO part 2 row too early, so I have a quite assymetrical lace pattern there - but it looks nice, you'll see it better in the blocked state next week, and at least now the shawl's unique ;)

BTW, I'm using rowan kidsilk haze (called for in the pattern), and it is really sticky in itself, but still ribbing back 2 edging rows is no problem. Just the perfect yarn for the project.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

progress on the Spider's-web shawl

A quick post to show you the progress I’ve made on the Spider’s-web shawl. One repeat of the Barège pattern complete – four more to go.

Red scarves everywhere

Apparently the Scarf with the No. 20 Edging just wants to be red! Third post this week about a red No. 20 scarf!

My scarf has 17 repeats today, but yesterday it had 18. Funny how that goes. I don't know yet how long I will make it. The pattern calls for 20 repeats, but with my thinner yarn that is not going to be long enough, so I will just keep going for as long as I feel like.

It's a fast and enjoyable knit. I really love the zigzag edging, and the little faggotting stitch on the edge of that. I can see using this edging for something else in the future. When I bought the book I was hoping for more variety in garments to wear, the cape for example is gorgeous, but the book is so helpful in explaining how to design your own, so I think that I can use many of the patterns to make romantic victorian inspired jackets or tops.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Harebell Fichu

My mom fell in love with "A Fichu" from Victorian Lace Today, and got a skein of Schaefer Anna yarn so I could make it for her. The fichu knit up very easily, but I think it would look much better in a solid color. The pattern is somewhat lost.

Keeping track of the rows was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I photocopied the pattern, then wrote down which rows I'd do a decrease on, and crossed them off as I got to them.

The Shawl with No 20 Edging is blocking right now. A hole popped up in the blocking process ... for a painful photo, you can check my blog.

A Handsome Triangle Begun

I've started A Handsome Triangle on p. 32, original 1840s pattern by Jane Gaugain, substituting Rowan Rowanspun DK for the specified yarn and modifying the stitch pattern. The shawl is easy and enjoyable to work, and I love its embossed texture and gracefully scalloped lower edge. Here it is sketchily pinned out at Row 74, the end of the first section.

A Handsome Triangle in progress

The book has a number of designs I'd like to try, but at a list price of USD $30, I'd like to see more value added. The lack of a table of contents and, more critically, an index limits its usefulness. I do wish it included at least an index of designs and stitch patterns. If expense is the reason for the omission, I'd gladly trade the glossy photos of non-knitting scenes (and that tilted photo) to pay for the services of an indexer.

For more commentary, see my blog.

Half-Square in Trinity Stitch

I finally turned the corner, so to speak, on my lace shawl. The rows, which began at 242 st, are now only 137 st and are going much faster. I can do a 4 row repeat of the pattern in under an hour. Here’s what I have so far:

And here’s a closer shot:
(The top photo is truest to the colors)

I have to say, I’m loving the way this is knitting up. The bobbles make it more casual, so I won’t hesitate to wear it with jeans and a tee-shirt. All in all, I’m loving knitting it. I just… don’t think I’ll ever knit a bobble again if I can avoid it.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Lace Scarf

Hi everyone,

I have just joined this KAL. Like many of you, I received the book for Christmas and was entranced by the wonderful patterns and the history behind them. My Mother-in-law, sister-in-law and her mother all fawned over the book as well, so it looks like this will be the year of the knitted lace scarf for Christmas. I have really enjoyed seeing everyone else's projects.

I have started knitting one of the lace scarves, it is one that was poorly named and I think it is just called "Scarf", but I don't have my book in front of me. I am knitting this with Rowan Summer Tweed, which is a silk/cotton blend that is much thicker than the yarn called for in the pattern. Because of the larger gauge I only knit three repeats of the border. I am almost ready to knit on the second border, which will be a new skill for me, after I deem that the scarf is long enough. I really like this knitted at the larger gauge. Here is a picture from Sunday. Hopefully I will soon have a finished picture to share.


Miss Lambert's shetland pattern for a shawl!

Man, I wish these patterns would have more catchy names. Or even just names that didn't take so very long to say. Normally I just shorten this thing to "Miss Lambert's shawl" anyway, though.

Anyway, babbling aside . . .

I've done about six repeats of the pattern, and I'm really getting into it. I don't have much accomplished yet, but I'm trying to do a pattern repeat or two every day, in my spare time. it goes, but it goes slowly. (Maybe I need to take a vacation from work to knit this thing faster. :D)

It's a fun pattern; simple, so I can knit while watching TV with no trouble, but it has enough variation that I'm not losing my mind while trying to knit it up.

I'm knitting it black Trio Dolcina yarn, which according to Google, doesn't exist. It's a German yarn, judging by the label, and is70% acrylic, 15% wool, and 15% mohair. I don't like the high acrylic content so much, but beggars can't be choosers, really, and I'm sure there'll be enough natural fibre content to block it out sufficiently. (I hope.) It's nice yarn, soft, with that mohair halo, but the yarn is a little fragile, and tends to snap if put under too much stress. Have to be careful with the blocking process overall, really.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Chocolate Scarf is Done

Finished this two nights ago and it was hanging on a hanger until about an hour ago

I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. I decided, in terms of blocking, that all I was really looking for were nice points on the edging. So, I wet it thoroughly, spun it in the washer and put it on the hanger, tugging down the points good and sharp. When it was dry, it looked fine.

The only thing I'm not happy with is this

the join for the second edging, where it is knit onto the body of the scarp. There is a significant row of stitches across there that does not exist on the Victorian Ruby. I think it looks a little clunky. I don't think I did anything wrong, I reviewed the pattern several times. Kathryn, is yours the same way?

My yarn has not yet arrived for the Melon shawl, and so I knit socks until it appears.

Martha's shawl with #20 edging

Something about this shawl makes one think of the color red it seems. Carolyn, your shawl is gorgeous. It makes me ready to face the next 22 repeats of the second border. I'm knitting this with Kid Silk Haze and haven't run into any problems with static, thank goodness!

The join between the side panel and the center panel was fairly painless. The join is just above the horizontal rows. You can see more on my blog.

Carolyn's Shawl with No. 20 Edging

Hello, everyone! I'm working on my second project from VLT, the Shawl with No. 20 Edging. I'm using Elann's Super Kydd laceweight in Pomegranate on size 7 US needles. I've got six repeats of the edging to go, and not much left in the second ball ... so it's a good thing I ordered three.

I like the yarn. It doesn't run anywhere if I drop a stitch, but I do find it to be wonderfully possessed of static electricity, and wonder if that's a characteristic of KidSilkHaze in dry winter weather as well.

victorian ruby fade-in

hello everyone, my name is katie and i'm working on 'victorian ruby'. last week i finished the first lace panel.
i'm using feza kid mohair, the color change that happened there was pure accident. but it worked out quite well! i've since started on the long drop stitch section, and i'm also working on a sock, but i'm hoping to make good progress.
i'm planning on making the myrtle leaf shawl in the lightest blue misti alpaca lace for my grandmother, but i won't let myself start it until victorian ruby is done!

can you tell i like to start lots of projects?
Hello everyone. I'm really pleased to be able to join this Lace-Along and I absolutely love the book!!!

I couldn't wait to get started and here it off the needles. It's "Scarf with the striped border" p80

It's Posh Yarns Eva (Silk/Cashmere) in shade "Dainty" on 4.5mm needles and I think it took about 25g/190yds. I worked chartA 5 times and picked up 32 sts for the border, then did about 100 reps. It blocked to 8" x 58"

Problem now is to know which to do next, they're all so lovely. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else makes.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Glad To Be Here

Hi, I'm Anita, and live in NE Texas. I also received VLT as a Christmas gift, and my daughter and I have bookmarked LOTS of these patterns to make. I've started Myrtle Leaf, using black Misti Alpaca Lace and size 4 needles. This is my first time to knit lace where every row is a pattern row, so it's going slowly for me right now, but it sure is pretty! I'm enjoying all the posts and the pictures.

Small Beginning

Last night I decided I couldn't let my ignorance of the crochet cast-on keep me from starting a scarf from VLT any longer. The cast-on was so much easier than I had anticipated; I'm kicking myself now for having stalled. My DH and I wanted to watch a rented DVD last night (Inside Man, very good), and so I had only a little time to knit lace. Even though this is easy lace, I didn't think I could keep track of a bank heist movie and mistake-free lace simultaneously.

I started the scarf with striped border from pg. 80 in Berry Sea Silk. Two repeats of the first wide border done.
The Sea Silk is working well for me so far. I am not accustomed to knitting such fine yarn on such large needles, but I think I like the outcome so far. I'll decide after finishing this border if I want to rip and try a smaller needle (I'm using the size 7 called for in the pattern).

Hope is also knitting this scarf in a pretty espersso color (scroll down)(she is much farther along than I am), and I hope I can get mine to look as nice.

On to the next one

I did finish the Wide Triangle but I overblocked it. The side with the double decreases wound up looking like a row of double YOs so I have to re-block it. In retrospect, the beads might also be a little too heavy for the yarn. I still like it.

Because I cannot stop myself, I immediately cast on for the Alpine Lace scarf using Elann's Canapone (hemp) yarn.

I haven't been knitting much the last few weeks but I'm hoping to change that soon. I want this to be a wedding gift for my friend who is getting married in a month. eek.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Progress on the Alpine

Well, I had a minor set back earlier in the week and had to 'back-out' 11 rows of knitting. However, I managed to make progress during the weekend and here's where I'm at.

I wish that I could get you a better shot of the color but I'm working with limited light and no sunshine for days. It is a beautiful color. And you can find more details here.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Just saying hi

I really am going to knit something from the book, I just can't decide what first! I'm thinking I'll take a stab at the Myrtle Leaf Shawl. I'm working on the Hidcote Garden Shawl right now, and as soon as I finish it I'm going to try and find some yarn for the Myrtle shawl. I just wanted to say I love seeing all of the lace here, and I didn't want to get booted or something for not posting! :lol

Friday, January 12, 2007


Hi! I'm Hope. I've been here a week or so but this is my first post. Like so many of you, I got VLT as a Christmas gift: I guess we were all good last year!

I am currently working on "Scarf." That is the name of this pattern "scarf"

This yarn is Bernat Crochet Cotton a 70/30 blend of Cotton and Acrylic. It looks very nice on the body of the scarf, but I'm not sure about the ends. They need to open up a bit and I'm not sure it's going to block. I knew it was a risky choice when I started it, though; I think I was just dazzled by the shiny chocolate color.

Although this is my first project from this book, in a way it is my second, because last year I made Victorian Ruby when it first appeared in Knitter's Magazine

For it I used the requisite Kidsilk Haze, which I love, in the color "liqueur." I wear this scarf almost every day. I am so excited to make more that are similar.

My next project is going to be the melon shawl. For it, I ordered some Crystal Palace Kid Merino in the roses variegated shade. I can't wait!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Spider's-web shawl

French printed Barège shawls (two yards square and named after a village in the Pyrenees) were very popular. It is possible that Miss Lambert’s Barège pattern had come from France but just as likely that she was trying to emulate a current fashion as knitting.1

I’ve been knitting late each evening, working on Miss Lambert’s Spider’s-web shawl in the half hexagon size.

I added this book to my knitting library after reading Grumperina’s preview. I was sure I’d knit the Myrtle Leaf Shawl as my first lace project from the book, but I couldn’t stop looking at the Barège pattern by Miss Lambert. Shown in three different sizes (full hexagon, half hexagon and fichu) and three different yarns, I couldn’t resist the beauty of this stitch. I tend to overlook things like, say, knitting 117 rows of simple ray shaping to actually get to the pattern. I’ll finish Chart B tonight and should be ready to start knitting the Barège pattern tomorrow evening using size 5.5 mm needles. (The half hexagon pattern requires multiple needles sizes, going up a needle size for each chart.) The yarn is silk merino hand painted lace from Yarnahoy's Etsy store in color Chocolate Cinnamon.

Thank you Jacqueline and Stephanie for hosting this kal.

Happy Knitting, Brooke

Cross-posted at my blog.

1 Victorian Lace Today, pg. 45

fits and starts

After some trouble starting, I am making some progress on the Large Rectangle with Center Diamond Pattern. I have almost 5 repeats completed, only 31 more to go. Oh, and then the border.

I am loving this yarn. It is the Lacey Lamb and it is so, so soft. The color is the most faint green and it makes me happy every time I look at it.

The pattern has been quite easy so far and the mistakes are fairly easy to pinpoint and fix. Knock on wood.

Shawl with #20 edging


I'm knitting this shawl using Kid Silk Haze. I am very excited about all of the projects in this book, which I also got for Christmas. I thought I would start with one where I didn't have to add the edging around all the corners of the shawl. Seems like some people had some problems with that. I'll try to work up to that.

I've been checking this blog every day to see all of the gorgeous projects you've all been working on. Such wonderful work!!


Tuesday, January 9, 2007

So Hard To Pick Just One

I received the book as a late Christmas gift. I have flipped through it’s pages so much in just four days that I am surprised the binding has not broken.

After seeing the preview at Stitches Midwest last summer, I knew I would have a difficult time choosing which pattern to cast on for. As you can see, I have several bookmarked.

For immediate consideration, I have narrowed it even further. I’m looking at the Cap Shawl (round), the 3 Cornered Shawl (triangle), and the Stripes & Torchon lace (rectangle). Why is it that I suddenly feel like I’m in kindergarten again?

I have the yarn. I have the needles. I just don’t have a decision.

Stitches do not exist?

Hey, Y'all! Like all of you, I am completely enthralled with the beautiful scarves and shawls to be knit from this book. Last night I started the "Scarf with French trellis border and bramble leaf center" on page 98. The yarn was (is) Debbie Bliss Pure Silk. Unfortunately, after about 10 rows I realized I had made an error at the beginning and ripped the whole thing out. And I'm not sure I am going to like that yarn choice. Has anybody else made this scarf yet?

Knitting from charts is new to me, although I have made several lace items before. Having said that, Chart B has confused me. What is the deal with the square in the middle of rows 3 and 4 that says "Stitches do not exist in the area of chart?" What do I do when I get to that part? Will it be obvious once I get there?

Myrtle leaf finished

Sweden speaking! Wet, wet and very warm for a winter, 11 C . My shawl is finished, I really like it, the yarn is soft and blocked well. I used 4 mm needles and made 38 repeats instead of 40. The border was easy to knit, and it only took a couple of days. I already started the Spider web shawl, decided to knit a half hexagon. Yarn Evilla lace 8/1 in green/yellowish green. It's easy at least in the beginning. My daughter is modeling.

Monday, January 8, 2007

About time I started

As one of the hosts I thought it was about time I actually started a shawl from Victorian Lace Today. Part of the problem was that I just couldn't make a decision on which project to begin first. So finally I have decided to go with the Large Rectangle in Leaf and Trellis pattern with Trellis border.

The yarn I am using is from Bendigo Woollen Mills here in Australia. They produce a range of good quality but economical yarns. There is pretty much nothing fancy available but for basic very wools and cottons they are really good.

There are more details and a photo of the beginnings of the stole on my blog.

MUCH Happier

Well, I'm happy to report that I've found the right yarn!! I did some research and finally decided on Jade Sapphire Mongolian Cashmere in Blueblood Red.

TOTALLY worth it don't you think? I love this pattern and this yarn! Frogging the Misty Alpace was the right thing to do. For more details you can check it out on my blog.