Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Martha's shawl with #20 edging

Something about this shawl makes one think of the color red it seems. Carolyn, your shawl is gorgeous. It makes me ready to face the next 22 repeats of the second border. I'm knitting this with Kid Silk Haze and haven't run into any problems with static, thank goodness!

The join between the side panel and the center panel was fairly painless. The join is just above the horizontal rows. You can see more on my blog.


Carolyn said...

We certainly are red! I'll have to see if I can find some Kid Silk Haze to try in a Minnesota winter. The SuperKydd literally crackles if I just lay my work across my lap and smooth it out. The working yarn also likes to cling to everything.

I'm working the second set of edging with a dpn and a circular needle. It seems to make turning the work easier. I thought about trying it without turing, but that first yo/k2tog has deterred me.

It's lovely.

Hope said...

I love my Victorian Ruby scarf made of Kidsilk Haze: and it is very warm, too, though it doesn't really look like would be since it is so lacey. And the stitches stay nice and open: once it is blocked it is BLOCKED. I do get just a little static from the wearing of it, but none when I was knitting it.