Friday, January 19, 2007

A Handsome Triangle Begun

I've started A Handsome Triangle on p. 32, original 1840s pattern by Jane Gaugain, substituting Rowan Rowanspun DK for the specified yarn and modifying the stitch pattern. The shawl is easy and enjoyable to work, and I love its embossed texture and gracefully scalloped lower edge. Here it is sketchily pinned out at Row 74, the end of the first section.

A Handsome Triangle in progress

The book has a number of designs I'd like to try, but at a list price of USD $30, I'd like to see more value added. The lack of a table of contents and, more critically, an index limits its usefulness. I do wish it included at least an index of designs and stitch patterns. If expense is the reason for the omission, I'd gladly trade the glossy photos of non-knitting scenes (and that tilted photo) to pay for the services of an indexer.

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Jessica said...
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Jessica said...

In the Victorian Lace Today errata there is a table of all the patterns in the book
Here is the site and then click on Victorian Lace today (last book)

Hope said...

My main complaints about this book: the high percentage of patterns where the samples were worked with handspun -- what is up with that? -- and that there are no patterns for laceweight yarn, which I guess I understand. Not everyone wants to use laceweight yarn just because I have a lot of it my stash :-)