Sunday, January 28, 2007

Spider’s web

This is my third attempt to knit half a hexagon Spider's web:

1. Wrong yarn
2. Not enough yarn
3. Ordered more yarn, not right colour, finally finished my shawl.

I decided to knit only three repeats of Barège pattern, it’s big enough.

The shawl blocked well and is very light and soft, yarn Evilla 8/1 in green-yellow.

I’m taking a break from the book, at the moment I’m knitting mittens and beaded wrist warmers. But I’ll be back soon with new shawl, there are so many lovely ones to knit.


Anni said...

That looks beautiful and a gorgeous colour. Well done.

judy said...

I love those colors!

Jennifer said...

The colors are so dramatic and gorgeous. Beautiful work.

tejiendo said...

The colors are wonderful!

Brooke said...

Beautiful job! I will probably reduce the number of Barege repeats on my shawl as well (knitting them all would make for a huge shawl).