Saturday, January 20, 2007

Red scarves everywhere

Apparently the Scarf with the No. 20 Edging just wants to be red! Third post this week about a red No. 20 scarf!

My scarf has 17 repeats today, but yesterday it had 18. Funny how that goes. I don't know yet how long I will make it. The pattern calls for 20 repeats, but with my thinner yarn that is not going to be long enough, so I will just keep going for as long as I feel like.

It's a fast and enjoyable knit. I really love the zigzag edging, and the little faggotting stitch on the edge of that. I can see using this edging for something else in the future. When I bought the book I was hoping for more variety in garments to wear, the cape for example is gorgeous, but the book is so helpful in explaining how to design your own, so I think that I can use many of the patterns to make romantic victorian inspired jackets or tops.


Carolyn said...

It does want to be red! Yours is looking lovely. What size needles are you using?

The shawl calls for 22 repeats of the pattern, which works out to 3 1/4" per point in the original.

hege said...

Ooops, you are right, 22 repeats. I am using 3mm needles, but I am using laceweight yarn, so mine will be only be about 11 inches wide, about half as wide the size of the one in the book. It's less than 2 inches per point. Therefore I think I will have to do more repeats.

Alison said...


thedailypurl said...

The edging is gorgeous!

Lori said...

I love how that edging looks. It is very graceful.