Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Clarence border

I have just joined the Kal, and I'm knitting the scarf with Clarence border p.88. I just finished row 40, so there are two more repeats to go. But I'm already wondering.. After the first border, the instructions say "1) knit, wrapping yarn 2 times around needle 1) knit, dropping extra wrap" - does it mean I should make yo and then just drop it on the next row as in the instructions?


Hope said...

probably that is exactly what it means -- that will give a larger hole in your lace pattern

jacqueline said...

hi hanne,


what you need to do is wrap the yarn twice around the needle instead of once when you are making the yarn over. on the next need to knit through one of these wraps and then drop the other one. don't drop both wraps because otherwise your stitch count will be off. in the end what you will get is a really large yo hold.