Thursday, January 4, 2007

Center panel

Yes! Center panel finished on my Myrtle leaf shawl. I wonder how the yarn will block, will it crumple or stay lacy blocked? The yarn is very nice to knit, soft and a little shiny, wool and silk 50/50. I’ve started knitting the edge and it’s OK to knit. I just couldn’t wait so I started my third shawl, Shoulder shawl in cherry leaf pattern on page 134. I knit with thin mohair and thin wool and 6 mm needles.


Cheryl said...

It looks great - and what a beautiful color!

Carolyn said...

The shawl looks lovely! I'm working on this one right now in Elann's Baby Cashmere, and hope it will block out well. Even if it doesn't ... it's going to be a snuggly shawl for my shoulders.