Saturday, January 6, 2007

Shoulder Shawl

Happy New Year everyone! This is my first post to this KAL and I am pleased to say that I have finally made a decision and started on the Shoulder Shawl ( page 134 in the book) on the 5th January while we were on holiday. We just got back yesterday so I have not had the time to check out the blog site yet, but I will tonight and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone is up to. I am using the same size needles, the yarn I'm using is hand dyed 100% silk that I purchased from Knit 2 Live about 12 months ago the colour is called maple. I knew I would find the right project for it eventually.

I am very naughty though as I have not bothered to check the gauge so fingers crossed it will turn out ok. I will check the gauge when I have knitted a bit more of it and see how it goes. I hate doing swatches, I know you can use it for rugs etc but I just can't be bothered.

This is a pic of how much I have done so far.
Happy lace knitting everyone.


Sue J. said...

Gorgeous yarn! Can't wait to see the finished shawl. Lovely!

Barbara said...

Ooh, pretty knitting. And a beautiful "Meezer" supervising your work!

Brenda said...

Great start! The yarn is gorgeous; can't wait to see the finished shawl.