Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Cherry Leaf done!

It's not finished in the picture, obviously, but it is blocking now. The finished size is 24"x 56". With a hypotneuse of 56", the triangle could theoretically 40" deep ... but the join between the edging and the shawl was a limiting factor in how long those sides could be.

The edging, as you can see, is definitely different from the edging in the book photos, but the oversized yarnovers do make for a good place to put blocking pins!

The crochet edging for the long edge of the pink shawl looks quite different from the edging on the multi-colored shawl. I decided to work an edging of 3 sc, 3 ch, and it came out well. The shawl ended up using about 550 yards ... a far cry from the 900 suggested, and I even got gauge!


Cathy said...

How pretty! Please post another pic when the blocking is done.

Jennus Interruptus said...
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Jennus Interruptus said...

Your shawl looks great! Did you decide to use the edging as supplied, even though it was different from the photo?

Did you ever hear from the publisher re: the edging mix-up? I'm knitting that shawl myself, and I'm pretty set on the edging that was shown in the book.

Carolyn said...

As the post above says, no edging pattern in the book matches the edging shown in the photos. I have not been able to find an identical edging elsewhere .. but will post on this blog if I do (or if anyone else finds the edging somewhere, let us know. I like the original too!)