Thursday, February 1, 2007

Cherry Leaf edge clarification

OK, I belong to the KnitU list where Jane Sowerby has occasionally answered questions regarding VLT and, since XRX published the book, the moderator has some access to other people in the organization. I emailed the moderator and asked if there was another edging chart somewhere in the book that matched the edging in the picture since the chart referenced in the directions does not. Here is the response from the editorial staff via the moderator:

We did get the photos mixed up.
The chart on page 134 gives a single eyelet instead of the diagonal
ladder shown in the photo.
The edge of the border shown actually has the same yo, k2tog relationship as
the Melon Shawl and Melon border - page 146. This would require 2
extra stitches in the border for the paired eyelet border, so CO 13 stitches
instead of CO 11. Or choose another 12 row lace edging that you enjoy.

I guess that means that the exact edging is not charted out anywhere else but should look more like the picture if you do the paired eyelets. I hope this helps.

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projektleiterin said...

This book has very beautiful patterns and there are so many scarfs that I would love to knit, but it has to be said that this book has so many errors it makes me shudder...