Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Opera Fichu

Hi all!
I'm new to the group - just wanted to post that I'm knitting the Opera Fichu from VLT - I'm using it as my "starter" lace pattern. I really want to make the Hexagon Shawl. That will probably be my summer knitting project, with lots of socks to ease the stress.

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Annie said...

I am knitting Opera Fichu ,too.when Campared to other projects in VLT,this Fichu seemed a smaller and easier work.So I picked out this one for my starter as you.But the fact is not as what I imagine.When it goes to Chart B,you will have 1056 stitches on the needles for each row;it will take you long time to knit.Moreover,I don't have that long circular needles so instead,I use two circular needles to get all stitches on them.In addition every time,when I make mistakes,Going back to check where it is also is one big headache for me. Therefore,mine is still on the needls after many days knitting.Hopefully,you will have happy Opera Fichu Knitting and don't forget to post the pics for us when it was finished!