Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Another newbie here ;)

Hi my I am so pleased that I have been accepted to join this KAL and love the VLT book . I have had it a while but just couldn't make up my mind which to start with. I decided in the end to do Melon and have done two of the repeats. I do have a query though & I don't know if I am misunderstanding the pattern but on the 1 3 & 5 row the first stitch says 'slip st purlwise, with yarn at WS and then on the 2 4 6 its the same. Is this right or do I knit it on the ? as if I do that the first stitch on the RS doesn't get knitted at all.Should I knit it on the right side ? Hope this makes sense .
Other wise the pattern is plain sailing and I am making it in a heavier cashmere/silk weight than the KSH but on the same needle size and in an ice blue shade . Will take photos when I have done a few more repeats but I am busy trying to finish a pair of socks before the weekend and then I can give Melon the attention it deserves. Looking forward to seeing how every one's shawl turn out



Artis-Anne said...

Oh dear too much of a hurry and didn't preview it !!
I meant to say 'do I knit it on the right side ' as oppossed to slip it purlwise AGAIN

Anni said...

Welcome. Not sure about your questiojn as I haven't done this pattern yet. But I normally slip first stitch of every row. I slip it knitwise if this stitch was purled on the row before and slip it purlwise if it was knitted on the row before. Hopefully someone who has knitted this will come along soon to answer your question.

Laura said...

I'm knitting the Melon shawl right now. Yes, you slip the first stitch of each row. It makes a nice edge chain, so that when the border is knit on, it's easier to pick up those edge stitches.