Saturday, February 17, 2007

Confused - And a Question

First off, I've finished the Alpine Lace and it's currently blocking......I hope you have a picture for you to see in the next day or so.
Ok, so here's where I'm confused and I have a question........I've started on my next project...The Double Border Scarf on page 104. I get that you are not working the same row on each side of the scarf as you knit it....but what I don't get is this for I'm working, say row 1 of the twenty row repeat....first border side I'm actually purling (row 2 on Chart B) for the first 25 8 stitches I'm purling (row 2 Chart A)...ok....with me so for the next 25 stitches, I'm doing row 1 of chart's the confused I purling row 1 (because I AM on the WS) and do I go left to right on the chart or right to left?
Has anyone done this scarf yet or can anyone help me read the instructions.....I've even tried looking at the photographes in the book and I can't tell really if when I'm looking directly at the scarf is the right side (first 25 stitches) knitted and the left side (last 25 stitches ) purled..............I'm SOOOOOO CONNNFFUUUSSSSEEEDDDD!!!


Jennifer said...


I have been working on this scarf and it can be a bit confusing, especially as there really is no right side and wrong side. The pattern as worked is completely reversible.
The first row (after the cast-on) is really a set up row. You knit 25,pm,k8,pm,k25. On the next row you knit 25, Row 1 of chart A, Row 1 of chart B (this is a right side row).

Now is when things get a bit trickier - You are going to start off knitting row 2 on chart b - treated as a wrong side row, starting from the left edge of the pattern where the number 2 is printed), so knit all stitches. Then the eight stitches of Chart A. Then you are going to work row 1 of Chart B, treating it as a right side row, starting and the right-hand edge of the pattern, where the number 1 is printed.

So, when you are working the odd numbered pattern rows - you treat them as the right side rows - i.e. knit the white squares, and you always start off on the right-hand side of the chart.

When you are working the even numbered pattern rows, you treat them as if you are working on the wrong side - i.e. knit the grey squares, and you always start off of the left hand side of the pattern. The even numbered pattern rows are easy because, except for rows 10 and 20, all you do is knit across.

There is a small mistake in the chart - they have the even numbered rows labelled - 14, 18, 16 on the chart instead of 14, 16, 18.

Hope this helps! Good Luck.

Marsha said...

Jennifer - I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I kinda thought this was how it was suppose to be, but it seemed to go against all previous knowledge of knitting! I can't wait to see yours done and I'll keep you posted on mine.

Anni said...

I'm finding this confusing. Started it and gave up again. I'll read Jennifer's explanation and have another go.

Anni said...
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Marsha said...

Anni - I've found that after reading Jennifer's explanation, it all makes sense to me know....I've swatched a couple of times this morning trying to get the right size needle. I'm giving the Misti Alpaca try again for this scarf in a pale pink, which is a #1 yarn and not the #2 that the pattern is calling for. I'm going down a size on the needle. I tried it in the size 7 and wasn't happy with the result, so I'm going to give the size 6 a try.

Jennifer said...

Happy to help, and I am glad the explanation was clear. The pattern is different than anything I have knit before as well. But, after working a few repeats, it becomes more intuitive. I can't knit on it without looking, but it does get easier.

I have also made a big chart with the row numbers and how they are worked (i.e. 2,1;2,3;4,3;4,5; etc)that I check off after each row. Otherwise, I would be completely lost.

I can't wait to see how your version turns out!

Carolyn said...

That's a great explanation Jennifer. I'm sure lots of us will find it useful ;)