Friday, December 29, 2006

A curved shawl milestone

I finished the main body of the shawl today:

I didn't pin it out or anything for the photo - it's just stretched out hastily on the carpet to give you a vague idea. There's a cute picot bind-off that was fun to work. Tonight after the kidlets are in bed I hope to start on the knitted-on border.

Lovely lace

I've been reading the book day and night since I got it for Christmas. I started knitting the scarf at page 82 in a thin mohair yarn, totally different from the yarn used in the book. It came out light and fluffy a bit like a dark cloud. I've also stared knitting Myrtle leaf shawl in a black yarn from Warp & Weft Viva 10 000 m/kg wool silk.
I do not like knitting the pattern, the wrong side is boring, but the shawl looks lovely, I'm sure I will finish it. Can’t wait to wear it.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

decided what to start with

At last I've decided on what to start with from the book. Because I wanted to start as soon as possible I started with the silk scarf on page 80 in the book. Why it became that is because I had some dark green silk yarn from Solsilke in my stash.

Hello and update!

Hi there, I just joined last week, and here's my current progress pic:

I'm knitting the melon shawl, too, in Rowan Kidsilk Haze, colourway jelly. It's actually the yarn used in the book, I'm just using the 5 skeins I've got, knitting 9 instead of 7 repeats of the melon pattern in the middle.

This will be the first lace project I'm just knitting for myself, and I love both that pattern and the yarn. And oh, the colour.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


I started a Melon shawl for my mom. I showed her the book and she picked the pattern.


Since I love the Jade Sapphire 2-ply cashmere, I am using it again for this. It is a pretty purple color that changes from light to dark, so there are sort of stripes. I hope it looks okay once it's done.

This pattern is really easy to memorize, so anyone looking for a simple pattern should like knitting this one.
- natalie


Just wanted to say hello to all. My name is Agneta and I live in Sweden. I love to knit especially lace shawl. I love this book. I've looked in it several times since I got it a couple of weeks ago. But I got a big problem:-). Can't decide on what to knit. I want to knit almost everything.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Will my foxy go the distance?

Now that the lovely business of Christmas is over (well, it is in Melbourne!), I can turn my attention to lace. I have so admired the lovely work showcased here at the VLT blog. Something to work towards.

I love lace knitting and have completed a couple of simple projects (Forest Canopy Shawl, Birch Shawl, currently on Seraphim). I want to choose an "easy" pattern from VLT, as I have never done a knitted-on border.

The "Large rectangle with center diamond pattern" on page 20 most appeals to me. I have some Cherry Tree Hill cascade fingering 100% silk in "foxy lady". (This is good, cos I could so use some foxy right now - get me in the mood for the new year).

There are two things I've been thinking about:

1. Is 100% silk a good sub for kidsilk haze?
It is a fine weight, but the drape will be different. Does it suit the pattern?

2. The foxy yarn is 666yds. The pattern calls for 750 yards. Is there a simple way to calculate how much I need to reduce the length and/or width of the shawl? Would losing one repeat in the center panel (width) and two repeats of the ten row chart (length) be enough?

Any thoughts would be warmly welcomed.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Hello everyone...

Phew... boy is it hard to get logged in to this beta blogger website :)

I have a catastrophy to share... I have not decided what to do exactely with my disaster, but it might be less huge when I share it.

A while ago, I started the Cap Shawl (don't know the page number). It is the circular shawl. I got through the "boring" part pretty fast, but not fast enough. I started on the second part and needed to use markers between the different repeats. Something I haven't had to do since my first lace project just short of 2 years ago. Maybe this should have been a hint... a sign from the knitting universe.

Earlier this week I was knitting along merrily when suddenly I realised that although the first part of each repeat (where you have the viney pattern going) was working out correctly, the yarnover/slanty part of several wedges was not correct. In some I had more than the 7 yo-/ combinations I should have had and in some less... Guess I messed up when I put my markers in.

I now have to decided if

  • I'm going to try and locate the end of the first part of the shawl, thread a string through all the stitches on that row, remove the needles and rip to the string
  • or I'm going to remove the needles, rip it all and start over... including those close to 90 rows of that yarn over k2tog part that I hated to knit
Good thing I have another shawl I can concentrate on in the mean time as it needs to be finished by monday, cos it makes me tear up just thinking about this whole debacle.
One thing's for sure... next time I'm going to use markers from the start...

Cheers, Eva

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Scarf with the No. 20 edging

With all the beautiful projects in the book, it was so hard to choose just one! I have to say my favorite is the circular white cape, that is just dreamy. But I want to start small. I picked "Scarf with No. 20 edging" (p. 84), and I am using a lace weight yarn istead of a fine weight yarn. The scarf in the book is 20 inches wide, quite large, and I am estimating that mine will be about 11-12 inches wide.

I am two repeats into it, and I love it. It's such a fun pattern. The yarn I am using is Misti Baby Alpaca Lace in "Lipstick".

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yarn subs

OK, I cannot stop myself from pouring over the details of this book or people's own VLT projects. However, I am trying to use this obsession for good. To that end, I have posted a document on my blog that shows all the patterns with the yarns used in the book and whatever yarn substitutions I have read about on this blog and on personal blogs.

If you have any additional info you want me to add, let me know and I will try to keep the document updated.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

New Jerseyan signs on!

Jacqueline and Stephanie, thanks for starting this knit-along! I'm a little late to the party, but not in terms of my love for this book. This will be my first real lace project, and fortunately my mom, for whom I am knitting, has picked an easy shawl for me. I've started "Scarf or Shawl with a Center Pattern" in Knitpicks Iris Alpaca Cloud. What a lovely yarn! I had a challenging time in the beginning with the cast-on, until I discovered the waste-yarn cast-on! It also took me some time to find the rhythm for lace, but I think I'm okay now.

This is probably old news to all of you, but there are errata for VLT. None for the pattern I've embarked on, but for a few others.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

And I'm off...

I decided to start with the large rectangle on page 54. The body is a very easy knit, which could get boring, but so far it's a good commuter project and I love the feel of the Handmaiden Sea Silk.

The colorway called to me because it resembles my Lucy.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Finally Here

I'm here! I'm so glad to be here! I'm a new member, and have been so taken with the VLT book that I'm planning to start the Melon scarf after the holidays. I have the pattern, I have the yarn... One thing I have done is to create a sort of index to the book because I kept forgetting where different patterns were located. I'm thinking of making it into an Excel spreadsheet with fields of Pattern Name, Page number, Yarn Weight, Yarn Yardage, Difficulty, Finished Dimensions. I may also add a field for the yarn used for the model.

I haven't knit much lace yet - 2 lace scarves and one shawl from Folk Shawls - but am really looking forward to reading, learning, and knitting.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Curved shawl progress photo

Here's where I am as of this afternoon:

I think I'm in good shape for now, and I'm enjoying it!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sampler shawl

First of all, I love this book. It took me a while to pick out one thing to start. I had to cast on for something when I received this book and the sampler shawl on page 58 kept catching my eye. The project was decided when I had enough knitpicks alpaca cloud yarn in iris for the beginner sampler. I'm using a #3 bamboo circular. I would be using my knitpicks circulars, but those are occupied with another project.

12906aThis sampler is going pretty well so far. It's been easy to knit. The knitted lace sections (patterning on both sides) need a little more concentration from me, but they don't occur that often in this shawl. I do like how they look. There is a mistake in the very beginning. I thought I had corrected it, but pinning it out for the photo made it stand out. Yikes! I'm leaving it in as it is in the very first section at the bottom. One yarn over looks a whole lot bigger than the others. I may just play around with the surrounding stitches to try to fix it. You can't see it in this picture because it was cropped out.

It's fun seeing all of the other projects being done from this book. I'm going to have quite a to-do list by the time I'm done with this one.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Starting... then starting again... and then again....

So I started my curved shawl this evening, using my red Merino Oro which has been sitting patiently in my stash for several years.

That first row was nasty. The cast on is the loop cast-on, which is nice and soft and lacy, but it slips and slides around like crazy. Working the k3togs in that mess was No Fun. I'm using Addi Turbos, which is probably not the best choice because of the markedly not-sharp points and the slipperiness, but they're the only size 3 circs I have, so I'm going with 'em for now. I had to start over multiple times, and it's a good thing the kids were in bed, because there were some not-ladylike words said over it. And when I had finally gotten past that first awful row, and had completed a few more rows, I took a look at the cast-on edge and realized that somehow I had managed to break the yarn at one point, so it was sneakily unraveling on me. More not-ladylike words were uttered. I may have threatened to toss the entire ball of Merino Oro into the fireplace. My husband slipped quietly into another room for awhile.

But I think I'm finally in a zone, of sorts. I cast on and picked my tortuous way across that first row, and then onward. I've completed the fourth 4-row repeat and it's starting to take shape, and I'm even starting to see how the lace pattern is working. If my yarn doesn't betray me by breaking again, I should be in good shape....

Keeping track of yarn subs

I am interested in keeping track of things by nature, which works well in my knitting world. So, I was thinking that if you were interested, I could keep track of any yarn subs that we use in our own VLT projects. You can just post the information (which pattern and which yarn) as a comment on my blog or on this blog and I will start the list. With the owners' help, I can keep the running tally as a file linked in our sidebar.

Happy knittting.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Decisions, decisions

I was originally thinking I'd do the "Large Rectangle with center diamond pattern" on pg 20, since I'm fairly new to lace and it's an "Easy" pattern. But I am terribly tempted by the "Scarf with the No. 20 edging" on page 84... however, I'm somewhat terrified by the Notes saying "Match the tension of the bind-off to the cast-on edge", so maybe not. On the other hand, I'm also lusting after the "Large rectangle in leaf and trellis pattern" on page 54. What to do, what to do...

~ Cheryl S.

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Ready, Set... Pause

Hi All, I'm a laceaholic located near NewYork City in New Jersey, US (my blog is Jersey Knitter). Many thanks to Jacqueline and Stephanie for organizing this KAL! I'm eager to start and was set to order the book... but Santa hinted I shouldn't. In my experience, Santa is very good about obtaining highly desired books, not so good about also providing yarn. So I imagine I'll be starting my first VLT project early in the new year.

In the meantime, I'm freaking out over holiday knitting enjoying looking at everyone else's beauteous VLT projects and looking forward to participating soon. Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Decisions, decisions...

Hello all! Now I know why I had to buy that Handmaiden Sea Silk. A few weeks later I read about this KAL, ordered the book, and here I am.

I'm leaning towards the leaf and trellis rectangle on page 54. I've never done a knitted-on border, so it would be a nice challenge. However, I'm also drawn to the Alpine scarf: it looks challenging too, and I'm inspired/awed by Natalie's beautiful FO. I'll do a swatch and try to make up my mind.

For those who have completed projects, did you find that the book's yardage suggestions were accurate?

I'm looking forward to knitting and sharing.


Sunday, December 3, 2006

Alpine Knit Scarf

Alpine Knit Scarf

Alpine Knit Scarf
Jade Sapphire 2-ply Cashmere, just over 800 yards
Size 4 addi turbos
60"x18" blocked
44"x18" before blocking
November 18 - December 3, 2006

Thanks for the nice comments on this from the earlier post. The scarf (though it's more like a stole) is very soft and has a really nice drape. I didn't make any modifications to the pattern, and fully stretched it was the same size as in the book. It relaxed a bit when I took the pins out, but is still a nice size for wearing.

I would definitely recommend this one to anyone who wants something interesting to knit. It kept my interest the whole time and it was well worth the effort. It is gorgeous in real life.

There are more pictures on flickr (if you click on the picture it will go there), or on my blog. I hope everyone is having a great time with their lace!

- natalie


Okay I just finished my husbands socks, so now I want to start on a scarf for my mother in law. The yarn I'd like to use is Shimmer from knit picks, which is a lace weight.

However the pattern that I like is on pg 90, it doesn't have a name other then scarf.

It calls for Fine weight (2) and size 7us... so to make my yarn work I would need smaller needles?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated thanks.


Friday, December 1, 2006


I hope everyone's projects are going well so far. I received my copy of VLT about a week ago and am starting with the melon stitch stole, with Elann Super Kydd (a kid mohair and nylon blend) and 4.5 mm (US 7) needles.

I'm about one quarter of the way done with the center section. It's going quickly, even though I'm mostly only working on it as a take-along project during the commute. The yarn is very soft, and IMHO, is a great substitute for Kidsilk Haze. I have a few more pictures on my blog.

New Member

Hi Everyone, I was excited to find this kal. I've ordered my book but apparently its on backorder :( Hopefully, will be in sometime next week and on its way to me. In the meantime, I'll just read and enjoy all the pictures! Thanks for having me.

Photo update

I was able to do a little more work on the Curved Shawl last night:
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So far 6 four row repeats, only 36 more then the edging and I am done! This is a wonderful project, but it does require much concentration on my part. I still can't get the hang of reading all the even # rows right to left. All in all though, I am enjoying it and know this will be a favorite once it is finished.

New member

I have just joined, and am looking forward to starting one of the projects. Which one? Well, when I can narrow it down fron the twelve I want to do now, I'll let you know. I have enough yarn in the stash, but have already ordered more. I won't have time to start before the new year, so that gives me time to decide. I'm in awe of the ones already finished.