Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Yarn subs

OK, I cannot stop myself from pouring over the details of this book or people's own VLT projects. However, I am trying to use this obsession for good. To that end, I have posted a document on my blog that shows all the patterns with the yarns used in the book and whatever yarn substitutions I have read about on this blog and on personal blogs.

If you have any additional info you want me to add, let me know and I will try to keep the document updated.


jan said...

I am so interested in yarn substitutions also. It would be much easier if the book used WPI instead of the numbering system. I had KnitPicks Shadow and this seems to be a weight between the superfine and fine. I started the Victorian shawl using #5 needles and added one repeat. My project will not be as wide.


Carol in NJ said...

Thank you very much for this list. Even though I have some mohair yarn in my stash, I would like to be able to use other types of yarn as well.