Sunday, December 3, 2006


Okay I just finished my husbands socks, so now I want to start on a scarf for my mother in law. The yarn I'd like to use is Shimmer from knit picks, which is a lace weight.

However the pattern that I like is on pg 90, it doesn't have a name other then scarf.

It calls for Fine weight (2) and size 7us... so to make my yarn work I would need smaller needles?

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated thanks.



Laritza said...

If you go to smaller needles it will be tighter and less lacier. That might be ok or not! It depends on what you like. My suggestion is to cast on enough stitches for one pattern repeat plus 4 stiches on each side. Knit the side stitches in seed stitch or garder and then the pattern. One or two repeats, cast off. Wash and block. Repeat with smaller/larger needles if you do not like it. This will save you lots of time and you will be happy with the result.

Sande Francis said...

if you look in the back pages of the book, all the yarns used are photographed at full size and yds per grams are given. if your yds/gr are similar, you can expect similar results with the same size needle. if you have more yards, use a smaller needle, fewer yards, use bigger needle.