Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sampler shawl

First of all, I love this book. It took me a while to pick out one thing to start. I had to cast on for something when I received this book and the sampler shawl on page 58 kept catching my eye. The project was decided when I had enough knitpicks alpaca cloud yarn in iris for the beginner sampler. I'm using a #3 bamboo circular. I would be using my knitpicks circulars, but those are occupied with another project.

12906aThis sampler is going pretty well so far. It's been easy to knit. The knitted lace sections (patterning on both sides) need a little more concentration from me, but they don't occur that often in this shawl. I do like how they look. There is a mistake in the very beginning. I thought I had corrected it, but pinning it out for the photo made it stand out. Yikes! I'm leaving it in as it is in the very first section at the bottom. One yarn over looks a whole lot bigger than the others. I may just play around with the surrounding stitches to try to fix it. You can't see it in this picture because it was cropped out.

It's fun seeing all of the other projects being done from this book. I'm going to have quite a to-do list by the time I'm done with this one.


cindi said...

It's very pretty so far!

Cathy said...

Beautiful! I prefer to consider minor mistakes part of my signature. ;-}