Tuesday, February 27, 2007

New Member

I am so excited to join this knitting group as we all "like very strongly", the word "love" has escaped me at this point due to errors in the pattern, "Victorian Lace Knitting Today"; no, love still applies despite the errors. Tomorrow is my birthday, and I will be ripping out the border I started on the cherry leaf pattern shoulder shawl. A huge "Thank you" to this list for pointing out the error in the border chart. I am using Fiddlesticks Country Silk in different shades of purple, blue and tan. The shawl will be so nice to use this summer. Actually, the corrected border pattern is working out fine; I need to fine tune my needle size so the border is the same as the shawl. Two years ago I knit my first shawl, a lacy Pi shawl with an online knit a long. It was a project I couldn't put down. Then, last year, I knit the Norwegian Folk shawl from the book "Folk Shawls". I look forward to working with this group in our adventure in lace. We lived near Cambridge many years ago, and I love the photography in the book, and the memories besides the wonderful knitting ideas.


Anni said...

Welcome to the knitalong. I've only knitted one pattern from the book and tht didn't havea mistake in it. But will be starting my 2nd pattern hopefully this weekend or whenever the yarn turns up.

Dagney said...

I am having difficulty understanding the chart on page 88.

The chart indicates two red yarn overs side by side, then, on the next row, one is instructed to knit into the first yarn over and drop the second off without knitting --simple-- yet, at the same time, it does not add another yarn over or stitch to make up for the one dropped. The pattern is increasing to a triangular point so each odd row must increase by one.

I have worked 20 rows and the result is strikingly similar to the picture; however, the only way I can keep with the chart count is not to drop the 2nd red yarn over – or to actually add 3 yarn overs, knit into the 1st, drop the 2nd, and knit the 3rd which makes the correct number of stitches on the next row and a slightly larger ‘hole’ .

So all of you experienced lace knitters -- what am I missing! Thank you!