Monday, January 29, 2007

Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl

I've been working on the Shoulder Shawl with Cherry Leaf pattern, using Elann's Baby Cashmere. A few rows into the edging I noticed that the edging was different than the one in the photos. What first caught my eye was the single eyelet of the pattern, versus the diagonal ladder of the photo. Then I noticed that the double yarn overs didn't correspond to anything at all in the photos, and what finally caught my eye was the single crochet edge all the way around the shawl. I'm quite glad the pattern, as it is, doesn't call for crochet, but if anyone can point me in the direction of the lace edging used in the shawl, that would save me trying to figure out how, exactly, to make that style of point on my next shawl.

I'm close enough to finishing and blocking I'll save a photo for then. I'm on my 5th ball, and am curious to see how big the shawl will block (and stay).


Anni said...

They've obviously made a mistake and printed the wrong edging. Have you thought about writing/e-mailing the publishers?

Stitchcounter said...

Without trying out the directions on a swatch, I have a hard time comparing the picture to the directions. Although the written directions do call for crochet after finishing Chart B. Helen, also on this KAL, posted on Jan. 6 that she is working on this as well. Perhaps she can help you figure out how to get the edging in the book? Otherwise, you could contact the publisher as Anni suggested for clarification.

Carolyn said...

I found the New XRX Book Questions site and posted my query there. When I wrote, though, I hadn't realized that the whole edging was off ... it just looked like the eyelets/diagonal ladder was different.

I also did see the crochet in the directions. Fortunately (for my ineptitude at crochet) it's only across the hypotneuse of the triangle, and not around the whole thing. I think I can manage that without destroying the shawl. (If not, I'll give it to my 11 yo daughter, who crochets pretty well, and let her rescue it.)