Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yet Another Scarf, page 80

When I first looked at Victorian Lace Today, I thought I was mostly interested in it for the history and that I was unlikely to get round to knitting anything from it, but I have seen so many scarves here from the pattern on page 80 and I thought they all looked lovely - nicer than the one in the book, I have to say.

I got a lovely skein of Alpaca (with a little bit of nylon) from Fyberspates' Sock Club, and as soon as I saw it I knew I couldn't possibly hide it inside my shoes, so I used that. The pattern is so simple that I feel as if I'm cheating. I've done about 25 inches, but I was getting a bit glum because it looked, as one might expect at this stage, really tatty. I could see people looking sorry for me when they saw it, because they thought, 'Poor thing, she's working so hard on that awful-looking rag.' So this morning I blocked what I've done so far and I'm much happier.

The photos don't show the full beauty of the yarn, which has flashes of purple and lavender.

When I block it again after finishing it, I think I'll do it a bit more severely, but I'm pleased with the points which are sharper than I expected to get in alpaca. I now don't mind working to the other end, although I am slightly apprehensive about guessing how much yarn I need to have left over to do the points at the other end. Any tips?


Brenda said...

Very pretty! I don't have a tip for this scarf, but I weigh the yarn before starting and then after I finished the first border, that way I know how much yarn I used for the border and can save that much for the second.

Cathy said...

'Poor thing, she's working so hard on that awful-looking rag.'

Hee hee.

Beautiful work, Helen! I love the colors - like fleecy clouds in a blue sky.

I second brenda's suggestion about weighing.

bobbi said...

I pre-ordered the book, but didn't think to join the blog till it was too late. However, I said the same thing about the book, bought it for the beauty and history. But when I saw page 80 I knew I just had to knit that.
But like most things, I haven't started it yet. Maybe after seeing your, I'll start it today.
many thanks