Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Progress, at last

I finally cast on something from this lovely book, but it wasn't the intended first project. I needed something to do on the plane to London and planned on knitting another Clapotis, but it wasn't to be. Instead, I cast on the trellis shawl (page 62, I think) using Cider Moon's Icicle in Pandora's Rose. Not sure if I like the variegated yarn with the pattern, but so far it is a very simple project and I am about a third of the way done. There's more info about in on out blog.

Next up (after finishing my Sockapalooza socks) will be the melon shawl in Habu Textible's Cashmere. If I don't start it soon, Lola might kill me.



Villasukka said...

Oh my! Why didn't anybody tell me about this KAL? I've already knitted two patterns from this book, just finished The Cap Shawl.

Lola and Ava said...

I envy your for the Cap Shawl. I often think that I should start one now for each of my 16-year-old twin daughters for their wedding days. Maybe I will have enough time!