Thursday, September 20, 2007

Fir Cone Border Scarf

I'm knitting the scarf with fir cone border on page 96. I'm having trouble with Chart A, row 3. I end up with an extra stitch at the end of the row. I've ripped and restarted this border at least fours times with the same result. I've modified the pattern by making the first stitch a k2tog which evens out the stitch count but leaves a slight difference at this spot on the edge.

Did anyone else have trouble with this chart? If so, how did you resolve it?

Also, my chart legend shows the edge stitches with the shading reversed. RS stitches are shaded in the chart but not on the legend. WS stitches are not shaded in the chart but are on the legend. I've choosen to ignore the shading and to work the stitch as instructed.

I haven't seen any errata for this particular pattern. Has anyone else?


Laura said...

I think you make up for that extra stitch at the end of Row 4. See the red symbol there? You knit 2 together there, where the other edge stitches you knit 1. I can't help with the rest.

rosieindiana said...

I wrote to the publisher and got the following correction/clarification: "I wanted to confirm my suspicion with Jane before I answered your question. Row 3 should be [k2tog yo2 k2tog] to end of row." Unfortunately, this answer came too late for me. I had already come up with a work-around, different from yours. I added a K1 at the end of row 3, and then completed row 4 as P2 K1 [P3 K1] 7X, k2tog tbl. The important part was to have a K1 P1 in each of the YO2's in row 3.

The shading is confusing but I think it works. Are you talking about Chart A? The 1st st in the RS (odd number) rows is shaded because the st is slipped as if to purl. Then the corresponding last stitch on the WS (even) row is Ktbl, indicated with a symbol but not shaded. I think the WS stitches could have been shaded also, or the shading could have been left off of the RS stitches because the symbol is unambiguous. But when I worked the stitches per the symbols, the edge looked good for picking up stitches.

I'll be interested if anyone else has comments on this.

clara said...

HI all...I'm a beginner and do not understand the border bit at all ...even the easy one on pg 18.
Could anyone help?