Saturday, November 17, 2007

Half Curved Shawl frogged

I was this close to finishing the main body of Half Curved Shawl with Diamond Edging with shy of 3 repeats of chart A. I had to rip it off because my cat jumped on me on a WRONG TIME. I lost sts at the end about 10-15sts. Couldn't take the frustration, so decided to frog it all.

But now at the 2 repeats of chart A. I must say, it's going a lot easier because I kind of memorized the st pattern.


EllyMae said...

Hate when that happens! "Lifelines" are your friend - well at least they're mine!

Rina said...

I know about safety line. but for some reason I thought I was comfortable enough with the lace patt, so I didn't think I need safety line. But who knew things like this could happen. Oh well.

clara said...

Happy Christmas all!
I am a begginer lace knitter and would like to try some of the gorg patterns in VLT BUT need advice!!
This is where all you experts come in....Which is a good one to start with and do I have to knit with circulars? I hate them!!! Could I not just use normal needles?
Thanks alot!!
x Clara

Rina said...

Hi Clara,

I suppose you can use normal straight needles, but you may have to use the 14in needle and really bunch up the sts and use a needle tooper to make sure the sts doesn't fall off the needle.

I made lots of st markers using one of those crochet cotton yarn that you can get from Jo-Ann or Michaels. St markes are like your friend in lace project to mark the repeats.

I use metal for all my lace project and that's just my preference.

Good Luck

clara said...

Thanks Rina

Which are the best circular needles to use?

Rina said...

I've been using the Addi Turbo lace (with pink cable). That needle is so far the best lace dedicated needle I've used. It's not too slippery or dull.
The tip is very pointy, and it's so nice to do a k3tog without a fuss.

My circular needle for lace is usually 32in or longer. Of course this works for triangle shawls and stole. But for circ shawls, you have to start with dpns and gradually go to circ needle.

Cote de Texas said...

Hi - thanks for your wonderful, wonderful comment!! I wonder do you read Absolutely Beautiful Things? Anna is not a minimialist at all = she loves bright colors and maxed out interiors. I'm sure you read her, but I wish I was in Australia so I could visit her store. Thanks again.