Sunday, April 15, 2007

Melon is Finished!

I finished knitting my Melon Shawl. Off the needles it looked like this:

Then I pinned it out:

Although I enjoyed knitting this shawl, I did start to get a bored by the end of the center panel. There just wasn't enough going on with the pattern to keep me interested. I love the border though, and think that it provides the perfect counter-balance to the center panel's curvy, circular shapes. I would really recommend using a provisional cast on for the center panel and the border if you knit this shawl. I didn't read far enough ahead in the pattern to figure out that I should be doing that. It would have made it easier to attach the border and graft together the ends of the border as well.

I used Jaeger Spun Zephyr (the laceweight version) to make this shawl and I love it. It's seems to me to be a perfect lace knitting yarn. It's wool so it's flexible and soft and slippery on the needles, but it also has some silk blended in so that it has a fantastic sheen to it. I love it. The color is really sort of lavendar/violet rather than light blue. Anyway, I loved knitting this shawl and I will post pictures as soon as it is done blocking.


Stitchcounter said...

Pretty! Judging from the blocking shots, its going to look even better.

Martha said...

Get that absolutely stunning shawl off the garbage bag on the floor right this second!

It might have been tedious to knit, but it is spectacular!