Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Started something new

Lace knitting really is addictive.
Just when I finished the first shawl I had to start the next one immediately. Now that I binded off the third one, I really wanted to start another one.

I chose "A Handsome Triangle" on page 30. And this one is for nobody else but me! The three scarves I knit during the last weeks were presents and so I wanted to knit another one for myself.

I had already four balls of the wool but I think that isn't enough so I wanted to make sure that I can get some more balls from the same dye lot before starting this new project.
On Saturday I met with my friend Melli and we visited the yarn store at Siegen. Lucky me, they had some balls from the same dye lot. So I bought three more balls - just to be sure that I won't run out of yarn.
I will add a ruffle to the scarf and so I will need a lot of yarn - many yards more than indicated in the pattern.

On Sunday I started knitting and the picture shows my progress after 28 rows. There's not much to see of the pattern, but you can imagine the beautiful colour. I use Rowan's Kidsilk Spray, colour no. 574.

Aren't the needles of my Boye needlemaster just perfect for this project?
By chance the 4mm needles are lilac too. But I think of changing to my bamboo needles again as I knit always very firm. But when using the lilac needles it is much firmer than usual and the stitches don't slide on the needle. So knitting would be a hard job.

By the way: this scarf needs my full concentration. There are yarnovers and "knit-togethers" in every row. So it's not a project for in-between but you always have to be aware that you follow the instructions correctly.



Brenda said...

That yarn is beautiful! I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on the shawl. The handsome triangle is one of my favorite patterns in the book.

Anni said...

Gorgeous yarn nad needles. I've got some purple, lilac and gold Boyes double pointed needles and they're so cool to knit with.