Sunday, April 1, 2007

Shoulder Shawl...finished!

I finished the first of my three shawls-in-progress from this wonderful book and have already given it away as a belated birthday gift. I ended up enlarging it substantially - going to 281 sts before binding off, but I still couldn't figure out how to add the knitted on border! (I feel like a dunce...I am a pretty accomplished knitter but I sit down to do this and I get all thumbs and needles, can't find the stitches I'm picking up, can't remember which side I'm on etc, etc.) So once again (as the last one of these I did), I added the peaked edging border from the Swallowtail pattern. Maybe when I have more time, I can master this border nonsense, but this wasn't it.

The yarn was from Handpainted Yarns and at $5.95 for 850 yards, you can't beat it. It's soft as can be and worked up beautifully. I used size 3 needles and, even with making it larger than called for, I have probably a good 1/4 of the yarn left over! There are more photos on my blog if you're interested.
Finished size - 60" wide, 24" from top edge to center point

This pattern is a joy and I'll be making many more of them, I'm sure!


~Kristie said...

WOW! That is absolutely beautiful!

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KnitNana said...

That's lovely! And what a bargain! I was looking at that in the book this weekend, wondering if I'd do that one or one of the scarves....I'm inspired by yours!