Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl

For my very first lace project ever, I chose the Shoulder Shawl in cherry leaf pattern from page 134. That may be a "bit" ambitions, but when I met the author at Stitches West, she said I shouldn't have a problem with it even if it were my first project. I realize the photo of her signing my book isn't very good, but there was only a camera phone available, and obviously it's not one of the "better" camera phones. I got to spend about 10 minutes talking with her and for more info about our conversation, please refer to this post on my blog.

The yarn I've chosen for this shawl is the variegated Graceful laceweight yarn I purchased at Stitches West from Yarn Place. I'm not sure I *love* the variegated colors for this particular pattern, but since I've just started, I'm not going to be too critical of it yet. I'm also a bit nervous because the pattern calls for 900 yards and my skein is 900 yards. I went down a needle size and I suppose I could leave off a pattern repeat if I need to. This may be a nail biter!! Have any of you knit this yet and if yes, how many yards did you end up using.

Thankfully Laura (who is making THIS incredible melon shawl) has agreed to teach me how to crochet since this shawl has a crochet edge. Well of course it does. I never go the simple route.

~Kristie (Guilty Pleasures)


Laura said...

I love the photo from Stitches! :-)

Your shawl is coming along nicely. I think that yarn will work out well for it. It's so pretty. How could it not?

Carolyn said...

What color are you using? I just finished a shawl in Graceful, and love it. It's *much* finer than the yarn my pattern called for, and I paid for it in extra repeats. The Cherry Leaf Shoulder Shawl I made with Elann's Baby Cashmere came out a good bit smaller than the one in the book ... so leaving off repeats might not be a good option.