Monday, March 5, 2007

Melon Scarf Started

I cast on Saturday, and had an "issue" reading the chart, so the first repeat is a little wonky. I decided to press on, but have had another issue on the 4th repeat, so I think while I am waiting to see the fracture doc today I'll rip and start again. Just wanted to post a progress shot before I blew it away :)

I'm using the recommended needle size (knitpicks options), and a viscose/treewool blend (cotton, but I think the german translation sounds better).

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Laura said...

I love your yarn! Gorgeous color. Bummer about having to start over, but you'll be happier in the long run, I know it. :-)

Artis-Anne said...

I too am doing Melon and I too had a hiccup but it was ME doing it wrong :)

Lara said...

Thanks guys! I take all the blame, I was reading both rows from left to right. My fault for not a) swatching, and b) not reading the instructions before charging merrily headfirst into disaster :)

cindi said...

Melon sure does seem to be a popular pattern with this group! You might want to rename yours, maybe Blueberry or something :-). I hope you're pleased with your "re-do", and that your doctor's appointment went well.