Sunday, March 4, 2007

Wide-Bordered Scarf FO

I am something of a lace newbie, so I decided to start with the "easy" wide-bordered scarf on page 80. It was easy, but I like the simplicity of the lace. The scarf is or my 92 year old Grandma Adeline. The yarn is Sea Silk in Berry. It's very soft; perfect for a grandmother's neck.

VLT Scarf in Berry Sea Silk

Godmother's Wide Border in Berry Sea Silk

Grandma Adeline is not a big person (under 5 feet tall), therefore, I narrowed the scarf by knitting five instead of seven repeats of the border, and I knit it to 42 inches long before blocking. After blocking, the scarf was 49 inches long, which surprised me because I did a pretty gentle blocking, only pinning the scallops on the edges.

Now, it's on to the scarf on page 100 for me in a sport weight polished cotton cable-twist yarn.


Emma Jane said...

That's beautiful!

Anni said...

that's gorgeous. Love the colour.

Perlegarn said...

I thought the scarf looked awful in the book, but yours is lovely. Great colour!

cindi said...

I'm sure your grandmother will love it!!