Sunday, March 4, 2007

New start

I'm really addicted to this book's patterns. Like many of us, I guess... *lol*

And so I really had to start another shawl. I chose "Large Rectangle in leaf and trellis pattern with trellis border" on page 52 - 55.
I'll knit it without the border as I think this will fit well the recipient of the shawl.

After two pattern repeats it looks like this:

I'm sorry for the bad picture but with all the dusty clouds and gallons of rain we had during the last weeks (for more than two weeks there wasn't a single day without rain) I wasn't able to take a better one.

In reality the colours are more brillant and they don't look like autumn.
The wool is Lang Yarns "Venezia Color". It's a bright orange with one thread changing through all the colours of the rainbow.



Cathy said...

Oh, it's beautiful in that yarn/color. I'm making the same shawl with the border, which I'm enjoying very much - but the center panel is pretty enough to stand alone.

Emma Jane said...

What a terrific yarn for this shawl! It must be fun to knit.