Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dolphin Lace Scarf Fin

I finished my Dolphin Lace Scarf last night, before I even had the chance to blog any progress pictures here. Here is what it looked like in progress:

Here is what it looked like while I pinned it out:

And this is the finished project:

I'm very, very pleased with this project. I did have a few issues with the pattern (page 106.) First, there is a small mistake in one of the pattern charts. You only work the set up row, where you knit all of the stitches in the right hand border, once. Then, when you end the scarf, you work row 12 of chart B on the right hand side border, then the middle chart, then knit all of the stitches in the left hand side border. Lastly, it would have been very useful if the pattern had explained how to correctly work the staggered borders. I started out working the even numbered rows as right side rows (reading the chart from right to left) on the right hand side border and the odd numbered rows as wrong side rows (reading the chart from left to right) on the right hand side border. I knew that I was confused by the pattern, so I searched for it on the internet, found this blog and read what someone else had written about working the other double-bordered scarf in the book. That's how I figured out how to correctly work the pattern. Without that information I would have eventually figured out that what I was doing was wrong, but only after I had worked a few pattern repeats and noticed that the right hand side was not right. Then I would have had to rip the whole thing and start over again. So, a little note in the pattern? It's a good thing.

Anyway, I'm very pleased with myself. The scarf is beautiful and my mother is going to love it.

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Marsha said...

I'm glad to finally figured out how to read the pattern. Jennifer had to help me with the one I'm working on on page 104. They are both knitted in the same manner. Once I got started then it seemed to be pretty easy. But it sure would have been helpful had there been a better explanation of 'how-to' to save confusion since I've not done a pattern like this before.
Nice job, quite lovely!