Sunday, March 25, 2007

Its so hard to capture

the texture and details of a circular shawl, but this was the best that I was able to get. The shawl is the Cap Shawl. The pattern calls for KSH, but I am using Misti Alpaca Lace on size 4 needles, and I think it is perfect so far. Once you get past the cast on, the pattern is fairly simple, with half of the rows being nothing more then YoK2tog. I'm about 20 rows from the pattern changing. The rows on this shawl are long. I'm already at more than 300 stitches per row, and add 9 stitches every other row.
ETA: Yes, the yarn is as soft as cotton candy.


Jennifer said...

Your shawl looks like fluffy cotton candy from here. Is it as soft as it looks?

Lara said...

I love this one! I think I would have cast on for it already if I had a sufficient amount yarn.

Anni said...

Looks like cotton candy. Very tasty. You're so brave diong a circular shawl.