Thursday, March 29, 2007

My Edgy Curve

Remember this post where I stalled since I didn't like the edging for the curved shawl? Well, after some thought, I decided to try the same edging, but drop the needle size from US9 down to US6. I had to fudge the attachment of the edging to the shawl, but not too much. Every once in awhile, I'd attach 3 stitches to one body stitch and it seems to have worked out well. I really liked the airy circles and the denser edging, but that's just me.

Like another knitter, I also had issues with attaching the edging on the cast-on region of the shawl. Again, I sort of faked it. I wonder if another cast-on method would have made it easier?

I highly recommend this project, in fact, I may have to make another one!

z & a's momma


Laura said...

It's gorgeous!

lori said...

That is beautiful. I've been wanting to start that one, but now I'll wait until someone who did a different cast on comments...I hates that "girl scout" cast on! I was too late to join, but I'm yall's world champion lurker.

Cheryl said...

It turned out great! That's definitely one of the ones on my to-do list.

Martha said...

It looks really beautiful. I think this will be my next project!! I'm trying to work up the nerve to knit it in black yarn.

Brenda said...

Very beautiful! I love the color you chose. I am glad you were able to make the edging work out; it looks great.