Thursday, March 15, 2007

My curve is missing an edge

Hi everyone! Thanks for letting me join you in this KAL. I got this book a while back and had been thumbing through it trying to find the perfect project. At Stitches West, I even got the venerable author to sign a bookplate for me. I was NOT going to walk around all day with that book in tow.

Well, I love Alpine Lace, and started that a couple of times, but just wasn't to be (yet). The yarn's perfect (colourmart silk), the color's perfect (bonbon), but the needle size is something I've still got to come to terms with ( I've swatches with US4, then US3, then US2, and US1). I think I can get away with using US2s...But it's for another time.

Anyway, I really liked the curve shawl and thought I'd give this a go. Here it is -- sadly without an edging. I used a much larger needle than normal for this pattern (US9) and indeed, the fabric is very, very lacy --which I like. However, 4 rows into the edging, and I knew that we have a problem. The edging ends up being very floopy (that would be loopy and floppy) and too large (~3 inches). I will have to do a different edging than VLT. But otherwise, it's a super fun knit. I will knit this with thinner yarn using smaller needles (and do the proper edging). As for this, when I have time, I'll play with edgings and hopefully find one that will do.

(for more pictures of my incomplete curve, see my blog)


brewerburns said...

I'm sorry to hear that the border isn't working out. The shawl looks lovely though.

Lori H said...

I love the color and the pattern you chose. Best of luck on the edging. I haven't tried swapping edging patterns out yet -- not that brave!

Artis-Anne said...

I just love the colour ; sorry to hear the border is not working out though