Saturday, March 10, 2007

Hello All,

I just finished decompressing from Stitches West, where Jane Sowerby was the keynote speaker. There was a fashion show of nearly all of the scarves, stoles and wraps from the Victorian Lace Today book. It was very inspiring and the knitted pieces were beautiful in person. Here are a few photos of the garments.


Anni said...

Lucky you being able to go to Stitches West. And I'd love to see all those shawls close up. I live in the UK so not much hope of getting to any of the Stitches events but I can keep dreaming.....

Heather said...

The shawls are beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics.

Joanna said...

Just breathtaking. Is the shawl in the first photo (orange/yellow) the "Wide Triangle" from pg. 8 with the Bell Ruffle edging from pg. 179? This variation is not illustrated in the book! What yarn was used for this? I love the long g-r-a-d-u-a-l change in color! Do you know what yarn was used?

stashmaster said...


The first shawl is the "Wide Triangle" (page 8), with the ruffle - you are right. Jane Sowerby said that she was really taken by the ruffle edging just as the book was being finished, so several of the shawls shown at the show had ruffles. (They were very pretty in person - and in Kidsilk Haze..)
The middle shawl is "The Cap Shawl" on page 28 and the third one is the wrap on pages 178/179.
As for the yarn, I think that I remember that she said that it was a yarn like this (If this doesn't come through for you, go to Ebay and do a search on "changing colors yarn" and see if you can find offerings by "Yarn Tree House".)

To Anni- Just as well you are far from Stitches, the Market is toooo tempting!!