Monday, March 5, 2007

Handsome Triangle Question

Hello Everyone. This is my first time posting. I have been lurking since the beginning, but just now got around to starting a project from the book. I am a relatively new knitter (especially lace) but I do find it addicting. I just wish I was not so scared of the knitted on borders!

Well I have a question about the handsome triangle in the book. When I am reading the chart it has purl ridges on the right side, but when I view the picture those are not there. Any suggestions?

Thanks for all your help. I love seeing these projects and hope I can share mine soon.


Carolyn said...

I don't see any RS purl stitches, except at the edging. Thatwould end up being the hypotneuse (the long side) of the triangle -- and it's not shown in the photos.

When you say right side, do you mean RS as opposed to the wrong side, or as opposed to the left side? If the latter, be sure to check out the Chart Note underneath the key. Those edge stitches will be at the beginning and end of each row.

Stacy Z said...

I was referring to the correct/right side not the left/right sorry about that. If you look isn't the middle (right side) of the chart the center of the shawl or am I reading this incorrectly? I was thinking where the shading was was the center. Am I wrong?

Thank you carolyn for helping me out!

Carolyn said...

I think you're reading it incorrectly. (Then again, let me check my errata). There *is* an errata for this shawl from the first printing. It says "Page 33 Key - Shaded square needs to b K on WS."

The right edge of the chart doesn't form the center of the shawl, but the long edge of the triangle. The left edge of the chart will be the center, running from the back of the neck on down.

My edition has a note along the left edge of the chart saying "Center of Shawl". It looks like you'll knit following the chart from right to left, and then once you get to the left edge, you 'bounce back' and read it from left to right for the second half of each row. Then, for the WS of the shawl, do the same thing. Right to left for the first half, left to right for the second half. (backwards of normal chart-reading, but it makes sense since the right edge of the chart is both the beginning and ending of each row.)

Did that help, or have I completely confused you?

Abigale said...

I'm working on the Handsome Triangle shawl - it's a bit tricky, in that it's true knitted lace - where you have patterning every single row. A first time for me! A lot of shawls out there just have a plain row on the way back, not this one.

I hadn't seen the errata, but I interpreted the shaded stitches on the outside edges as being done with the first and last two stitches of the shawl being done in garter - which is fairly common in shawls.

Another thing - I'm not entirely pleased with that 4 stitch spine, if I were to do it again, I'd definitely cut it down to two stitches, or perhaps do the center two stitches in purl for a ribbed effect.

Cathy said...

I was afraid of knitted-on borders too. But it all made sense when I started working on one, and it's really quite enjoyable to knit.

I still haven't reached the first corner, though...

Stacy Z said...

Actually Carolyn you did confuse me at first then I let it sit, looked at the book and read again and it makes perfect sense. Thank you so much!!!

Carolyn said...

You're welcome!

I look forward to seeing how your shawl turns out.